Symbolism → Gloves embody power and protection, as well as nobility. Red is also power color

Musing → Your Future Is In Your Hands

Really thinking about my future lately and the direction I want to take within a year.

(If the future is in my hands)

The idea of taking up palmistry is interesting; Reading the lines of your hands and maybe in-between them.

If you’re afraid of what your hands have to say can you just put on gloves? A symbol of protection. Try some beautiful red ones from Marc Jacobs or maybe these GUCCI Palmistry embroidered leather gloves. That way it’s just a luxury reminder that you are hiding from your future.

Does wearing gloves conserve the in and out flow of your energy? 

Found a beginners guide to reading palms, I’ll let you know how it goes.

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Palmistry embroidered leather gloves
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These black leather Gucci gloves are defined by the palmistry embroidery and Alessandro Michele’s slogan: ‘L’aveugle par amour’. They’re made in Italy with black cashmere lining. SHOP NOW →

Marc Jacobs ad originally printed in Vogue Magazine.

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