The modeling industry is always evolving and the internet continues to provide new opportunities for models. Below is an A-Z guide to help you navigate your way through this industry and expand your knowledge with a modern glossary of common modeling terms and phrases.

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Agent — A person who acts on behalf of the model.

Aspiring Model — A person who ambitiously aims to become a model.

Audition — Sample performance for a talent opportunity.


Booking Out — Designated time a model is unavailable for work.

Booker — Someone within the agency who books jobs, schedules appointments and assignments for models. Also known as Model Booker.

Boutique Agency — A small agency that represents a select group of models.

Behind the Scenes — An area that isn't seen in final production. BTS

Book — A model's portfolio.


Call Back — A request for the model to make a second appearance before final hiring decision.

Call Sheet — Schedule for assignment. Includes location and contact to important members of the production team.

Call Time — The given time for the model to be on set and ready to work.

Casting — Request to see a model based off of their picture.

Casting Director —A person responsible for booking models for the client.

Cat Walk — Also know as a fashion runway.

Commission — A percentage of earnings taken from the model's pay.

Composite — Or Comp Card is an 8.5" x 5.5" card featuring a model's images, statistics and contact information.


Day Rate — Daily pay rate requested by the model for a full 8 hours of work.

Digitals — Images documenting the model's current features and style.


Fitting — A session prior to booking for the model to try on wardrobe.

Freelance Model — A model who doesn't rely on an agency.


Go-See — A meeting for the client to see the model(s) in person.


Market — Different categories or geographical locations where a model is assigned.

As the industry changes,

the terminology changes. This list is updated often to keep up with any changes.

(Coming soon: PDF download)

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