Lately, I’ve been been extensively reading about the future of retail and contemplating how much of an impact sustainability has made on luxury. I did a quick search of the words Gucci and Sustainability and the results were golden.

Below are a few highlights with credits ready to bookmark and read later.

Gucci has, once again, pledged its commitment to sustainability and transparency by launching Gucci Equilibrium, an online platform “designed to connect people, planet, and purpose”. —Vogue UK

A portal designed to connect people, planet, and purpose. The launch of the website Gucci Equilibrium is part of a 10-year plan to embed a comprehensive sustainability strategy into and around Gucci, governed by a Culture of Purpose, the House’s mission to bring positive change to secure our collective future. —Gucci

Under the first pillar, Environment Gucci highlights its commitment to reduce its environmental impacts by setting targets to develop a new standard in luxury. People, the second pillar, sees Gucci recognizing the value of its employees and working to enhance the lives of the individuals who make its products by supporting local communities. At the same time, Gucci also underlines its use of technical innovation to improve efficiency in its production and logistics under its third pillar, New Models. —FashionUnited 

The Body Electric Analog Collage by Cintrena Gucci Grandma Analog Collage by Cintrena Gucci Gals Analog Collage by Cintrena

Scissors, Vogue & Glue

Analog Collage by Cintrena

  1. The Body Electric
  2. Gucci Grandma (designer unknown)
  3. Gucci Gals | Cruise 2016

This collage is brought to you by the letters G & V.
Vogue Magazine

Gucci X TheRealReal #AD




Vogue → GucciFashionUnited

PS: Gucci also has an eco-friendly program


Paper Collage by Cintrena

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