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On September 9th, opened their virtual doors This is a very exciting announcement for artist Cary Fagan. On multiple occasions he has expressed his interest in furniture and sourcing pieces across the world. Timeless Goods will serve as a storefront for C.F. with randomly selected 5×5 fine art photography prints and more recently his […]

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Your Future Is In Your Hands

Symbolism → Gloves embody power and protection, as well as nobility. Red is also power color Musing → Your Future Is In Your Hands Really thinking about my future lately and the direction I want to take within a year. (If the future is in my hands) The idea of taking up palmistry is interesting; Reading […]

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Modeling Terms

The modeling industry is always evolving and the internet continues to provide new opportunities for models. Below is an A-Z guide to help you navigate your way through this industry and expand your knowledge with a modern glossary of common modeling terms and phrases. Coming soon: PDF download A. Agent — A person who acts on […]

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The Psychology of Color

This is a reference to check back to in an effort not to google what a certain color means. This is perfect for fashion digital marketing, branding exercises, selecting your outfit for the day or the colors for your home oasis. Bookmark it. For best experience view on a computer. Coming soon: PDF download  Send […]

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Note to self → normal is boring.

Fashion Inspiration Resources

Let’s face it, we are in an age where content is key. Sometimes even a quick google search requires some sifting because everyone is hip to SEO. Below are a few resources when the fashion inspiration reserves are low. Watch a TED talk in the morning with breakfast or Salvatore Ferragamo: Is fashion art? before bed. […]

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Gucci Gold

Lately, I’ve been been extensively reading about the future of retail and contemplating how much of an impact sustainability has made on luxury. I did a quick search of the words Gucci and Sustainability and the results were golden. Below are a few highlights with credits ready to bookmark and read later. Gucci has, once […]

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