Note to self → normal is boring.

Fashion Inspiration Resources

Let’s face it, we are in an age where content is key. Sometimes even a quick google search requires some sifting because everyone is hip to SEO. Below are a few resources when the fashion inspiration reserves are low. Watch a TED talk in the morning with breakfast or Salvatore Ferragamo: Is fashion art? before bed. […]

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Minimal Jewelry

[Something witty about jewelry] Analog Collage by Cintrena Jewelry credit goes to Emporio Armani Analog Collage by CintrenaSaveSave

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Gucci Gold

Lately, I’ve been been extensively reading about the future of retail and contemplating how much of an impact sustainability has made on luxury. I did a quick search of the words Gucci and Sustainability and the results were golden. Below are a few highlights with credits ready to bookmark and read later. Gucci has, once […]

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